Dear Readers,


Fall has arrived, and the presence of a cool breeze brings with it the beginning of the events season in El Gouna!


To start with, we must highlight the return of the El Gouna Film Festival for its second edition, proving to be an incredible success last year. Not only will it provide more
screenings, but this event is set to surpass the last (p.6).


Not only are the events beginning, but the start of fall marks the back-to-school season for children, with new activities in store for them (p.12). It is important to teach the children how to preserve the environment through recycling, a concept that is familiar to Gounies (p.24).


Creativity is always encouraged in El Gouna, and so be sure to check out our article this issue on artist Mutaz Elemam (p.32), who stresses that art is all about interpretation.


Successful businesses and individuals are on the rise in El Gouna. Head to our articles on Michelle Dale, a digital nomad who moved from England to El Gouna with her family (p.14) and Iggy, a shop that provides delicious, home-cooked treats on-the-go while hosting workshops for the kids (p.40).


Speaking of food, don’t forget to check out our review of the newly opened authentic Italian restaurant Sotto Sopra (p.18).


It’s hard to argue against the fact that even if you are not in El Gouna physically, a part of you remains connected to the town. Reminisce on your memories here by checking out our Sounds of El Gouna article (p.37).


Enjoy life as it should be!


The El Gouna Magazine Team