Dear Readers,


As we wrap up 2019 and welcome in the New Year, El Gouna celebrates in its own special way – from glamorous events to adranaline-filled sports.


Find out what went on in the El Gouna Film Festival – whether you are interested in the red carpet, the winning films or the incredible messages behind Cinema for Humanity (p.4)! Want to know where it will be held next year? Read about the new cultural complex that is expected to host next year’s festival (p.12).


Discover new levels of therapy by reading about our experience with Access Bars (p.8).


Have you seen the sightings of a mystery boat off the coast? Head to our story on the M/Y Hayama (p.14)!


It’s no secret that the seaside town is known for its sports – whether water or land. Find out about the ambitious kid kiter (p.20) or follow a new kiter’s seven-day kitesurfing journey along the Red Sea in this issue (p.28). You can’t forget about the El Gouna Half Marathon – an event Cairo Runners has brought to the town for the second time (p.32)!


For wildlife enthusiasts, read about the Kestrels spotted in El Gouna (p.16).


Head to our article on TU Berlin’s flagship event that proves that El Gouna is making significant steps towards education (p.24)!


Want to spend the beginning of the year by the pool or beach? Find out all the day use options in El Gouna by heading to our guide to El Gouna hotels (p.34).


Wishing everyone a lovely start to the New Year!


The El Gouna Magazine Team