Dear Readers,


One of the things that makes El Gouna so appealing is the quality of life available here.


The area in which El Gouna’s offering belies the town’s size is fine dining. In this issue we cover the opening of the Piazza Restaurant and Café at Ancient Sands (p. 8). Another development in El Gouna’s foodie culture is the founding of a new branch of La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. The local baillage of the international gastronomical association recently hosted its first event, a three-day affair featuring amazing food (p. 40).


Recreational and wellness opportunities also contribute to quality of life. Insight Counselling and Integrated Health Services recently offered its first tented yoga camp, which included camping by the sea, scaling a mountain, and numerous yoga sessions (p. 16). The Heineken Sandbox beach party was a more raucous affair, welcoming partiers from all over Egypt for a weekend of fun (p. 12).


Creative expression also enhances life in El Gouna, as a recent fashion show hosted by AbSoulEm demonstrates (p. 22). The town’s children also exercised their creative talents recently at the EGIS talent show (p. 30).


Quality of life is also about giving back, and the El Gouna community continues to donate time and energy to environmental efforts and charitable endeavors. Earth Week was celebrated in hard-working style once again this year (p. 48), and serious efforts to control and protect the town’s animal population are also underway (p. 26).


Enjoy life as it should be,


The El Gouna Magazine Team