Dear Readers,


As the end of the year approaches, we have a lot to reflect on.
The last few months of the year are definitely event filled, celebrating everything from the El Gouna Film Festival’s second edition (p.6) and the El Gouna Half Marathon (p.16) to Halloween festivities for the entire family (p.20).


As we also welcome Thanksgiving and Christmas, we brought you an Italian sausage stuffing recipe that you might want to include if you are having family and friends over (p.10).


We are also acknowledging some of the icons that stood out this year, like fashion guru and presenter Raya Abirached (p.12) and designer Molly Moorkamp (p.26).


Inspiration can come from a large variety of people, and we found that – talking to El Gouna’s security personnel – they truly are the silent heroes of our community (p.34). You should also check out our visit to El-Bustan, where we witnessed a generation that respects each other and their surroundings all the while swapping technology for nature (p.30).


For the first time, we have included a fiction section, and so find out what “The Mystery Boys” were doing around missing gold by checking out the article (p.24)!


Finally, find out our thoughts on the incredible, authentic and only Indian restaurant in El Gouna: Tandoor (p.40).


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


The El Gouna Magazine Team