Dear Readers,


It is safe to say that the warmer months in El Gouna are known to host lively events and welcome in more visitors.


The town is never short of sports events, the latest of which was the El Gouna International Squash Open (p.6). Motoclub Egypt has also introduced the emerging and adrenaline-fueled motocross sport to Egypt, appealing to a different type of traveler (p.10).


Other popular activities that El Gouna is known for are horseriding and snorkeling. Find out more about the private Farah Stables (p.16) as well as why snorkelling is sometimes better than diving (p.20). Not many people can say no to taking a boat trip across the Red Sea, and so check out our article on the ins and outs of owning a yacht in Egypt (p.32).


Fashion and design today are still influenced by past trends. Read more about Indahouse, which has introduced bespoke furniture to the Red Sea (p.14) as well as how Ancient Egyptians dressed to reflect their status (p.28) in this issue.


For the last few years, how safe Egypt is has raised several controversies. Find out a foreigner’s take on this issue in our special article (p.24).


Finally, if you enjoy local dishes, make sure you try the authentic recipes in our cuisine section (p.34).


Hope everyone has a lovely summer.


The El Gouna Magazine Team