Dear Readers,


As the days get shorter, and the night breezes a bit cooler, we are forced to look at what was a fun packed summer season in retrospect. Luckily for us goonies, we end things the only way we know how to, with a bang!


We begin the issue with a feature on the launch of the first ever Gouna Film Festival; an event that brought together both local and mainstream international celebrities from all over the world to celebrate the past years cinematic achievements (p.6).


Then we discuss the mutually beneficial exchange program of the Rotary club, telling the story of a Belgian members first visit to the Red Sea (p.14). And discussing the many similiarities and differences of doing the same job in different countries.


Moving on, we showcase a new dining experience in El Gouna. If you are a dessert lover scroll over to page 18! Enough said!


We also take a moment to educate our readers on the benefits of taking up kite-surfing in El Gouna given the added benefit of being able to use, Sliders, a world standard cable-park facility (P.22)!


Finally, for anyone thinking of visiting El Gouna for the first time, please check out Page 26 to learn 10 unconventional yet fun ways to scope it out.


As always, enjoy life as it should be,

The El Gouna Magazine Team