Dear Readers,


As the summer season slowly comes to a close; we give our beloved readers a summary of what went down, and for those that didn’t make it to our beloved Gouna, a slight taste of what they missed out on!


Our sandy beach haven was full of festivities this year. Locals and visitors were treated to a variety of events. From festivals to concerts and international sporting events, it has been a truly eventful summer indeed. We start the issue with a peek into the annual El Gouna Squash Open, a truly eventful edition introducing new talents and champions (P.4).


Moving on, we take you on a journey of colors and music during this years Holi Festival (P.12). The club-house was transformed this year, party goers were treated to a goonies take on the infamous Indian Festival. There was something for everyone this year. Even fitness-addicts that strive for a healthy lifestyle had a chance to party while pushing their limits in every spinners dream “Party on wheels”(P.20). Sports enthusiasts also enjoyed the first ever Beach Polo Event taking place in El Gouna (P.28).


Finally, don’t miss out on our feature articles. Educating visitors and locals on how to survive the hot summer (P.30). As well as calling on potential goonies, by showcasing the destinations benefits as not only a as a destination but a home (P.16).


As always, enjoy life as it should be,

The El Gouna Magazine Team