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A vital element of the spirit and culture of El Gouna is the sense of adventure shared by residents and visitors young and old. In this issue we profile two individuals with the courage to follow their dreams and push themselves to the limit. The first, Galal Zekry Chatila, recently passed through El Gouna on his epic 7000-km bicycle journey through Egypt (p. 18). The second, 13-year-old Indigo Bolandrini, inspires and amazes with her skills as a diver (p. 12).


Creativity is also an integral part of the El Gouna ethos, as ongoing artistic endeavors in town demonstrate. Over the latter half of 2014, four world-class street artists painted murals on walls across the Downtown area (p. 38), and Art Café Gouna continues to foster creativity with the many activities and classes it offers (p. 22).


Educational, healthcare, and charitable services in town continue to expand. The hospital has recently undergone major updates (p.30), and TUB El Gouna faculty and students continue to carry out ground-breaking research (p. 36). In addition, Egypt’s newest Rotary Club was recently founded in El Gouna, welcoming business people and professionals serious about making a difference in the local community and beyond (p. 34).


We hope you enjoy our coverage of this wonderful town and its amazing people,



The El Gouna Magazine Team