Dear Readers,


As we bid farewell to Easter, new festivities are around the corner, and so there is always something to look forward to, especially in El Gouna.


With the upcoming squash championship held in El Gouna, we managed to schedule an exclusive interview with the World Champion Nour El Sherbini, who gave us an insight to this career field as well as her personal life (p.6).


These last few months have been full of exciting celebrations that offer entertainment for all ages. You can read more about the Rainbow Explosion Festivities (p.12), The Party on Wheels (p.22) and Easter Celebrations (p.38) in this issue to get a glimpse of how Gounies choose to have fun!


As both Easter and the upcoming month of Ramadan encourage the act of giving, we have dedicated several articles on the community, like Rotary’s Medical Convoy (p.30) and Preserving the Environment (p.34), among others.


For anyone looking to move to or invest in El Gouna, check out our Unique Properties in El Gouna article (p.16) that will provide you with information you may need.
If you are looking for a new place to eat, with a nice view and spectacular food, check out our article on Breeze (p26).


We hope everyone had a lovely Easter, and will have a happy Ramadan!


The El Gouna Magazine Team