Dear Readers,


Its been a long but great summer as usual here in El Gouna; crammed with festivities, our beloved town has cemented it self as one of the most prominent Egyptian vacation destinations for tourists and locals alike. But as the days get shorter and the nights get a bit cooler, we get a chance to look at everything in retrospect, smiling from ear to ear as we reminisce. We start this issue by summarizing the highlights of this years Eid Al-Fitr celebrations (P.6) taking place throughout El Gouna.


Moving on, we take a look at two rising stars. The evidently talented up and coming artist, Rasha Amin (P.16), and her “Ctrl+D” exhibition set up at TU Berlin university campus. As well as the inspirational fashionista, Nadine Chamaa, who is currently taking the fashion world by storm by bringing something new to the table, we wont say what it is! Jump to (P.34) to find out! We also discuss the great job the Rotary club has done to promote local Bedouin Artisans through the Traditional craft event that took place at the Dawar El Omda hotel (P.21).


El Gouna has always been known to nurture local talent, as we can see in the SPARK events that took place to provide secondary school students, as well as college graduates with a foundation of analytical skills to aid in their growth as entrpreneurs.


For our foodies, we discuss Pier 88, one of El Gouna’s main household names and their move to Cairo (P.12). As well as the opening of a new food haven, 3eish Balady, offering traditional Egyptian dishes using fresh locally grown ingredients (P.10).


As always, enjoy life as it should be,

The El Gouna Magazine Team