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It goes without saying that El Gouna never disappoints, whether we are talking about sports and social events, or raising awareness for significant issues.


Sexual harassment is one that needs to constantly be addressed, which is just what Igmadi does (p.12). Find out more about El Gouna’s garbage collectors and how you can motivate them in The Silent Heroes feature (p.16).


Education is an important tool for development, and Spark addresses exactly that, creating a generation of entrepreneurs (p. 8).


There is no denying that sports are an integral part of our daily lives, and so head to our article on the 42KM Running Bond to find out how some runners train for marathons (p. 20). Fashion is another interest of the community, and that is why we bring you how the royals’ fashion choices have been affecting the public for centuries (p.24)


Seeing as we are still in the first quarter of the year, it is important to search for inspiration on what lessons you should implement in 2019 (p.22).


In continuation of the previous issue, we bring you the second part of “The Mystery Boys” and their adventures on exposing the artifact thief (p.32).


For those food lovers, don’t forget to check out our all-year round holiday recipes (p.34) as well as our experience at the impressive restaurant “The Grill” which manages to perfect every course (p.28).


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