Dear Readers,


Time and time again, El Gouna has shown its capacity for adaptation and renewal. This issue of El Gouna Magazine provides glimpses of some of the changes in town as we wrap up 2014 and head into the New Year. Several new businesses have opened, including Ab-soul-em, a New Age studio located at the Club House (p. 34), and Vitalis Wellfit Center, the new fitness venue at the Three Corners Ocean View Hotel (p. 16).


The town has also been the scene of new activities never previously hosted in Egypt, including the culinary adventure known as Dining in the Sky, which came here during the Eid holiday (p. 22). The PGA EuroPro final was hosted for a first time in El Gouna in late October, and the whole town joined in arranging and welcoming the event (p. 38). In other exciting news, companies worldwide have seen the town’s potential as a retreat destination and have begun to schedule wellness retreats here regularly (p. 30).


Destinations aren’t the only things that change: people, too, evolve over the course of their lives. Our profile of architect Hend El Dahan gives insight into the career and personal development of one of the many talented people that make El Gouna special (p. 10).


Change can be welcome, but traditions and stability are also a vital part of a healthy community. With that in mind, we return to an old favorite for our restaurant review: Tandoor, one of the town’s longest-standing restaurants (p. 6). We also cover the Kite Jamboree, which has become an El Gouna tradition over the past six years (p. 26).




The El Gouna Magazine Team