Dear Readers,


As we welcome in the spring weather, it seems only fit to make this issue a light one.


Many of El Gouna’s residents and visitors wonder how this eclectic town came to be. All your questions have been answered in our interview with Mr. Samih Sawiris himself (p.6).


Memorable events and lively activities are a given in El Gouna, and so check out our articles on the El Gouna Rally (p.12), how the town celebrated spring (p.16) and the therapeutic sport of kitesurfing (p.30).


If you have been wondering what it takes to buy and sell property in El Gouna, check out our guide with tips from professionals (p.10).


El Gouna is home to many different nationalities, which is why the news of the opening of the Swiss Consulate in the town was a great addition (p.16).


Preserving the environment is a key characteristic of the town and its residents, which was reflected during Earth Week (p.20).


Find out how ancient Egyptian fashion plays a role in today’s trends in this issue (p.24).


If you are a fan of Indian cuisine, try the authentic recipes found in our special cuisine section (p.32).


Find out whether the mystery boys finally catch their thief in the story’s finale (p.36).


Wishing everyone a lovely spring break.


The El Gouna Magazine Team