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Ramadan Celebrations

This year’s Ramadan brought with it a host of family events, generosity and welcoming Iftars. For foreigners and non-Muslims, Ramadan’s month of fasting is something quite extraordinary, that, like Christmas, is a time for family gatherings and celebrations.


El Gouna International School hosted an Iftar (breaking of the fast) in the school hall for members of staff and their families.


Clubhouse owner, Hoda Mansour, also hosted an Iftar for El Gouna residents. A true mark of generosity on her part as the entire meal, catering for roughly 200 people, was hosted for free.


Children splashed in the pool fairly late into the evening while the adults participated in uplifting conversations.


Treasure Hunt in El Gouna

El Gouna hosted a treasure hunt established by the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation on May 12. Organized mainly by children for the El Gouna International School, it was fun-filled and challenged the problemsolving skills of adults and children alike. The hunt included land and water, where the maps required participants to travel around El Gouna.


The treasure hunt began at Seventh Star restaurant in the Abu Tig Marina at 1:30 pm and involved solving a riddle or clue that lead you to the next one. Lasting about four hours, the riddles were easy enough for children, interesting enough for adults and asked participants to dive for objects, canoe across lagoons and even fish!


Social Media Day

Social Media Day was held at G-Space, El Gouna’s co-working area, for three days. Digital marketing enthusiasts came together to connect, learn, and unwind far away from the typical nerve-racking work environment.


Attendees had the chance to get their questions answered,
brainstorm new ideas, attend beneficial workshops and have oneto- one conversations with marketing gurus and industry leaders. The event was attended by local residents who were keen on building their social media skills and it seemed to have a very positive impact.


Be sure to download the El Gouna application to check weather
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GoPro and Friends

GoPro and Friends was a video competition held from June 15 to June 17. The competition was made up of eight teams with five to eight members each, who were all required to film various sporting events around El Gouna.


Day one had the contestants learning to wakeboard at Sliders Cable Park. Day two encouraged the filmmakers to learn how to sail while on safari at Bayoud sinking island, and day three was all about kayaking with the adventurous cameraman taking all sorts of interesting shots. The winning team won a GoPro Hero 5, while second and third received prizes from hotels and sponsors.


Turkish Airlines Golf Qualifier

El Gouna hosted the Turkish Airlines Golf Qualifier in May this year. As a resort town that presents an array of sporting activities, El Gouna’s visionary, Samih Sawiris, was sure not to leave a golf course out.


Since everything in El Gouna is established to world-class standards, it is now home to a number of immaculate golf courses. For this reason, Turkish Airlines chose El Gouna’s lavish Steigenberger hotel for their qualifier. Gene Bates and Fred Couples designed the course which left the golfers highly impressed at its beauty and efficiency.





Swoop Event at Rihana

Swoop is a pop band from The Netherlands that will be coming to El Gouna on an official fan trip, and will be performing at The Three Corners Rihana Resort.


The program includes three Swoop events, where you can meet and greet with the band, and attendees will have the chance for a private aperitif every evening. These events will be taking place between the 18th and 25th of July.


Please contact the resort for more details.


El Gouna Film Festival

Although still a few months away, the El Gouna Film Festival needs special mention. El Gouna hosted its first in September last year, and proved to be a tremendous success, rivalling all of El Gouna’s other international events including the world championships in both kiteboarding and squash.


The festival brought actors such as Forest Whitaker, Dylan McDermott and Vanessa Williams. The festival’s theme is “Cinema for Humanity”, centered around Egyptian and MENA films. In the spirit of humanity, there were a number of films documenting the refugee crisis that has dominated the news over recent years.


This year’s festival promises to be as, if not more, brilliant than the year before. Make sure to keep the 20th to the 28th of September free in your diary for the festival’s second edition.


SPARK Summer Camp

SPARK is a program aimed at planting entrepreneurship ideas into the youth’s minds. The founders believe that education is the key to success, emphasizing the importance of how people think.


With all this in mind, SPARK will be hosting their summer camp from the 5th to the 18th of July. One of their mantras is “Work hard, play hard”, therefore their program includes fun activities such as go-karting, beach volleyball and soccer.


Many SPARK alumni went on to attend top universities, and others have started their own companies or projects in the media, environment, real-estate, education, healthcare, and technology sectors.