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World Cup Trophy

The Egyptian football team has worked extremely hard on their FIFA World Cup qualification. What does this mean for El Gouna though? Traditionally, the World Cup Trophy tours the world to be displayed publicly in each representative country, and therefore, it found its way to El Gouna’s Abu Tig Marina.


Amidst very tight security and masses of people, the wait was about two hours, at the end of which guests had their photo taken next to the trophy, which was housed in a glass casing. The photos were conveniently printed within a minute and the photo also had a link for digital sharing. Sponsored by Coca Cola, it was a very well managed and promoted event.



El Gouna International Squash Open

The annual Squash championship is back in El Gouna, where World Champion Nour El Sherbini will be competing to retain her status against talented contenders.


Home to its own world class squash courts, most of the matches will take place at these courts in El Gouna which are located opposite the TUB campus. However, the semi finals and finals will be held at the New Marina, where specialised courts will be established for 360° viewing. This promises to be a high energy, high adrenaline event, bringing the finest from all over the world.


Starting on April 18, make sure you do not miss the Men’s, Women’s and Open Categories’ finals on the 27th. If you are interested in following the event and understanding more about the sport, visit elgounasquashopen.com.



Swift Disc Invasion

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that has been gaining popularity, and is played with two teams who try to get the Frisbee to the end zone.


Swift held an Ultimate Frisbee event in El Gouna, which was the first of its kind. Teams such as SeptuCairo, Lebanon Ultimate, Alexandria Ultimate, AUC Mayhem, JFDF Ultimate and Nile Crocodiles came to El Gouna to battle it out, playing on grass as well as sand to test the skills of the players.


The tournament – held at Elements at the end of February – experienced drastic winds, which was troublesome for the sport, but it was thankfully cooler than the summer months. At the end of it, SeptuCairo took the trophy home.



Around Town


Roadworks Downtown

Those familiar with the roads in the Downtown area will recall a one-way traffic system. All of a sudden, the roads were dug up, and work commenced from 7am to 9pm for about two weeks.


Once completed, we were presented with a stylish bridge adjoining the two parts of Downtown, which were previously separated by the road. The street itself was sunk lower, so as not to make the bridge too high, and slipways for busses and tok toks were included to manage the traffic. This all hints at the fact that El Gouna is growing.



Mother’s Day in El Gouna

As Mother’s Day falls on different days depending on where you are in the world, we never know which one to celebrate for expats, and so we go by both the local and international dates.


Mother’s Day in El Gouna was heart-warming and surprising in its own way. El Gouna International School hosted a Mother’s Day concert that was open to the public. Raffle tickets were on sale by Hurghada Gives and stalls were set up for local stores to sell celebratory goods. Mövenpick Resort hosted a special lunch while some holidaymakers and Gounies enjoyed champagne breakfasts at Three Corners Hotel.



El Gouna Dance Camp

March 23 and 24 witnessed the El Gouna Dance Camp that was hosted by Salchata and The Camp Dance and fitness centre. The dance camp involved workshops over two days, including dance styles like Reggaeton, Afro Dancing, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Bachata and many more.


Hosted at the incredible Sliders Wakeboarding Park, beach parties, DJs, food and merriment were guaranteed.





El Gouna Street Festival

The much-anticipated El Gouna Street Festival is coming up on the 17th of June at the Abu Tig Marina, which will host a number of events, offering live music, entertainment, food, dancing and much more.


Not only that, but the street festival will be in a new location every week. Kid-friendly, it is a not-to-be-missed occasion for families and singles alike.