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Venice International Film Gala

The Venice International Film Gala started on the 12th of October & till the 15th of October, We were lucky enough to attend this event & watch the winners get awarded. Adding pleasure to the Egyptian people that the main actors of the award winning international film in the world renowned Venice International Film Festival are retired Egyptian Ambassador Dr.Hadi ElTonsi & Spouse Mrs.Fatima Abdallah


The info sent by “The Messenger” film director sent to the festival coordinator: “Dr. Mohamed Hadi ElTonsi and Fatima Abdallah, will attend the festival, Dr. Hadi is the main actor, and he is a psychiatrist with psychic ability. Between him and his wife Fatima they speak 10 languages. Although Italian is not one of the languages, they both speak fluent Spanish so hopefully they can understand better than I ever could. Although “the Messenger” is a fiction film, it was inspired by Dr. Eltonsi’ special skills. I passed the information directly to them so they can contact festival and make travel arrangements.”




Wakeboard Championship 2017

Prepare yourself for another fantastic El Gouna event! Sliders Cable Park is hosting it’s biggest competition yet! The 19th Europe and Africa Wakeboard Championship 2017! The 3 year old cable park is a worldclass, sea water park made for beginners and professionals alike and they are now making their presence known in the professional world!


With the approval of International WaterSki & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) and in association with Egyptian Sailing and Waterski Federation (ESWF) & Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, Sliders Cable Park El Gouna is the official organizer and host of this remarkable championship. The event will take place at Sliders Cable Park, from 25th November until 2nd December 2017.


Sliders is expecting 180 pro participants from African and European countries and will be host to 200 International spectators! This 200 is excluding Egyptian and local spectators. It’s going to be a big event! With good food, drink, high adrenaline and beautiful people, there is going to be a solid week of amazing wakeboarding!


Be sure to check out their facebook page and stay up to date.