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Disability Awareness Day – 7 December 2017

El Gouna International School (EGIS) enthusiastically got on board with supporting the Disability Awareness Day. Twenty children from across the national and international sections were selected to represent the school at the Sand City Open Air Museum in Hurghada, who were chosen based on why they believed raising awareness was
important. The event was organised under the banner of the Red Sea Governorate and the European Network for Accessible Tourism.


The school also ran workshops that taught children more about Autism, communication difficulties, mental difficulties as well as visual impairments. Children were involved in practical activities, which enabled them to step into the shoes of those less able and
opened their eyes and minds to the challenging realities that some people face. Alongside this, the kind and charitable children and parents of EGIS donated a brilliant EGP 2,000 for the charity, which the school generously matched. This positive day emphasised the
need for inclusion and empowerment for all.



Rotary Blood Donation

The Rotary Club Red Sea, who meet at the library every Tuesday at 7:30, had a vehicle parked at the Cheeky Monkeys Bazaar to collect blood for the Hurghada Blood Bank, which is critically low on stock. Donating blood is highly encouraged around the world as it can be the difference between life and death for any individual, and so it was good to see an organisation encouraging it in El Gouna.


Their list of conditions, set by medical doctors, was quite strict, but one can imagine the dangers of giving blood that contains anaesthetics or alcohol. Even people with recent tattoos were not allowed to donate, but thankfully, there was a good number of participants who passed the test. The Rotary has collected nearly 200 bags of blood during
their 17th blood donation event. Cheeky Monkeys’ most recent event before this was a chaotic, yet successful Halloween party.



Camps & Sports



El Gouna hosted an incredible international squash competition in 2016, which was held at the Marina rather than El Gouna Squash centre. Now, the centre is taking things to a new level by offering specialised training and by opening their doors to local and international camps to allow both beginners and professionals to join. Squash is a tactical game, full of strategy and quick thinking, but the most important factor in a good squash game is fitness. Differing from some sports, squash requires mini sprints on every point and you can start to lose quickly if your steam runs out. Therefore, I suspect these camps will be fairly tough on the legs and the lungs. Find El Gouna Squash opposite the TUB campus and stay up-to-date by visiting their Facebook page.



Sliders Wakeboarding Camp

Sliders is also in on the camp trend and has named its campaign “From Zero to Wake Hero”. The lady behind it all, Sandra Keller, is the founder of the “Girls Can Wake” organisation as well as a professional rider herself. This camp is for anybody who is interested in wakeboarding, whether a beginner or a pro, and if you are looking to start, Sliders has a beginner’s rail made for easy learning and much less walking when you fall off.


For one week, starting on 14 January 2018, the camp will be crowded with beginners and professionals all adding to their skills. If you are good at cable wakeboarding, come along and improve your talent and nail that trick you have been trying to master, noting that the price is 532 Euros for the week.



Spark Kids Camp

Camps are trending at the moment and we have another valuable one that is quickly gaining publicity and momentum.The Spark Kids Camp focuses on developing the youth by encouraging them in the areas of entrepreneurship and education. Founded by Egyptian Sherife AbdelMessih in 2007 while he was studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he came to the realization that the future of Egypt is delicately nestled in the hands of our youth. The two questions that came to AbdelMessih’s attention while he was busy with his studies were “why do some developing countries grow faster than others?” and “how does a country change its status from a developing country to a developed country?” Research into these questions began and were shortly followed by the birth of
the organisation.


Their mission statement is clear and concise: “Our mission is to create a generation of young high calibre leaders and entrepreneurs in Egypt that can propel our economy to the global arena and solve some of the major challenges that our country is facing.”


Beginning on 23 December 2017 and ending 5 January 2018, this is the
first we are seeing of its kind in El Gouna and there is no doubt that
Spark will offer insightful sessions for kids.





New Year’s Parties

The new year is upon us, and there is no such thing as New Year’s Eve without a party. Usually you have to pick one with the traditional countdown, and going with your friends is probably the best way to avoid any disappointment on the once-a-year occasion.
However, cleverness would have it that there is party called “-2” being celebrated two days before New Year’s Eve. The event has solidified fantastic DJs like DJ Wild, Dinky, Cab Drivers, Aly B and Joey to spin the decks and get everybody ready for 2018.


We can’t leave out the 31st of December though. A Masquerade is being held at The Venue and is promising to be of a very high calibre indeed. Entertainers from all over Europe, a VIP lounge and surprise stars are all a part of the entertainment line-up. Starting at 11pm on New Year’s Eve and ending at 4am, this masked ball is looking to be the party of parties in El Gouna this season.



Three Corners Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

The saying goes “don’t despise the day of humble beginnings”, and it could not be more appropriate in the case of the Three Corners hotel. Believe it or not, Three Corners’ roots are actually an ice cream shop in Hurghada whose Chief Operating Officer, Christophe Lambrecht, came to the city on a one-way ticket to start a business. The Three Corners hotel is owned by three Lambrecht brothers whose father believed in Samih Sawiris’ vision to build El Gouna, and indeed 30 years later, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.