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Kite-Surfing Centre Makani Opens its

Doors As kite-surfing continuously gains popularity, the number of kite centres across several coasts around the world have increased astonishingly. El Gouna is known globally as an ideal place to practice and excel in the sport with several centres around town, welcoming the newest addition Makani Kite Station.


Makani, owned by the Lambrecht family, has a very friendly and cosy ambiance, and is home to optimistic, and outgoing people. Not only is Makani a great place to kitesurf – thanks to the suitable weather and Makani’s well-thought-out location – it also has a unique outdoor workout area; Beach Monkeys. There is no better place to “feel the burn” than on the beach, surrounded by such a picturesque backdrop.



Buzzah Beach’s New Pool

Buzzah Beach has introduced a new pool in the premises that they have been building for many weeks and is now central to Buzzah and KBC (Kite Boarding Centre). The pool is raised off of the ground and is surrounded by wooden decking and tall windows. It also serves to be one of the few heated pools in El Gouna. One seldom associates the desert regions with cold, but over the winter months, pools become unfit for swimming, and so this addition will appeal to many visitors.




Zeytouna Beach has recently been revamped. Also called Zeytouna Island, it is located between the Hill Villas and Sheraton hotel. Once a quiet, less explored area of El Gouna, it is now getting the recognition it deserves. Il Gelato, which serves authentic Italian ice cream, has opened a branch on the island – this being the third Il Gelato in El Gouna. They have successful shops in the Marina as well as Downtown.


Also new to the island is That Juice Bar, which presents a generous menu of all kinds of juices and is a healthy alternative to ice cream. Flavours range from regular fruit juices to more healthy, spinach based drinks – the latter lacking a little in flavour, but making up for
it with its health benefits.


Zeytouna has already been home to a spa, a restaurant, boat tour
companies and a kite centre, and by the looks of it, there’s going to be
a lot more taking place.



The Bagel Tree

Belgian mother Marie Blondeel has recently opened The Bagel Tree in the New Marina. El Gouna has always been proud of its wide variety of restaurants and shops and it can be difficult to find something fresh and new that appeals to the locals and visitors alike. However, Marie has done just that. Their slogan, “Always Fresh”, promises us the best in bagel quality and will be pleasantly different from anything we have had in El Gouna before.


Find them next to Iggy and Mori Sushi in the New Marina or contact them on Facebook for delivery.






The El Gouna Beach Polo

For the third year in a row, the thrilling four-day El Gouna Beach Polo is back again.


With its debut in 2017, the tournament is still fairly new, but it has been successful enough to come back annually. Between the 25th and 28th of April, six teams will play for the Silver Cup. Fortunately, the event is open to everybody, which means that those with a mild curiosity about the sport could attend along with enthusiasts and VIPs. This is important as it can open new doors of interest for children who might later want to take part in the sport. Being Arena Polo, these teams consist of three players each, where one is responsible for attack, one in midfield and one defends the goal. The fact that the arena pitch is smaller than a traditional pitch makes for a higher energy, more intense game than regular Polo. The custom built arena is established next to La Maison Bleue on the more northerly Mangroovy beach of El Gouna.



The El Gouna Squash Open

The El Gouna Squash Open is coming back to El Gouna for its electric, high-paced annual extravaganza. Egypt is home to some of the world’s best squash players and you will find a long list of Egyptians in the top rankings in both the men and women divisions.


This annual event takes place at the New Marina where a glass court and grandstands are established solely for this purpose. This tournament has been going on for seven years now and is usually held in the late summer. However, this year, the event will take place from the 16th to the 27th of April 2019, where World Champion Nour El Sherbini, Nouran Gohar and Raneem El Welily will fight for the women’s title, and the Elshorbagy brothers are sure to have another emotional and highly competitive battle.