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Two nights full of German celebrations commemorating Oktoberfest were held at Elements. German tradition was everywhere, which juxtaposed the warm beach setting of the Red Sea Riveria. Brutwurst, pretzels, beer, traditional German dress and music were all a part of the event. Fortunately, like a lot of El Gouna’s festivals, it was family friendly, meaning that everybody could join the fun. The highlight for the children, however, was the photo booth where they could wear spectacles and giant hats and get their photos taken.


El Gouna has a strong German expat community as well as a large number of German tourists that come to visit. Even the local university, TUB, is a German campus. Therefore, it was good to honour them with a weekend of festivities that everybody could participate in.


Upcycling Workshop for Kids

What is upcycling? We all know that recycling is taking something that has already been used for its original purpose, breaking it down, usually in a factory, and using it for something else, or reforming it for the same use. Upcycling simply takes a pre-used item and incorporates it into something else, often for a higher purpose or a more aesthetic value. Statistics show that each family produces enough old or discarded materials to fill a three-bedroom house each year. The upcycling workshop by DeJunk is to encourage kids to use materials that are found at home in a different way to create something useful and often beautiful.


DeJunk is the brainchild of a young Egyptian artist, combining new and old bits and pieces to craft clever ideas for sale, and so the workshop facilitates business thinking in young minds


Cable Wakeboard Championship

Sliders Cable Park hosted the Winner Takes It All Egyptian National Cable Wakeboard Championships in El Gouna on November 2nd and 3rd. Two days of aerial tricks, ollies, nose presses and tail presses had the young competitors battling it out to be crowned the next winner.


This is the only cable wakeboard contest in Egypt, and our local talents are always very eager to participate. Well priced at €30 per entrant, novices and professionals were all encouraged to join. A swimming pool, sun beds, bean bag toss, water toys, volleyball and other beach games were free and open to the public. Naturally, this helped grow the audience numbers who were all impressed by the stunts performed.


The championship consisted of only three, rather young, age group categories: U10, U15 and U18. Winners of each category took home prize money of €350 for first place, €260 for second and €175 for third.


Last year, Sliders hosted the same event, during which Kareem Ahdy achieved the overall win, with the same result again this year. This talented young rider also took the second place title at the European championships in Italy and ninth in the World Cup that was held in Shanghai, China.


Overall Results:
Mini Man:
1. Victor Sieron
2. Hassan Kareem Osman – El Gouna
3. Ismael Boomsma – El Gouna
Nov – Dec 2018 | 47
Open Woman:
1. Veronika Halubova
2. Natalia Grabowska
3. Ilona Zbinowa
Open Man:
1. Kareem Ahdy – El Gouna
2. Charles Bail
3. Seif Darwish




Redeem Health Juice Detox Retreat

Redeem Health is an El Gouna based organisation founded by Nader Montasser. It focuses on an alternative holistic approach to healthy living through diet and wellness guidance and eco-friendly solutions.


This retreat is purposed to offer participants a comprehensive detox and rejuvenation program developed to help transform their health and increase their knowledge on healthy living. This retreat is not in El Gouna though. It is an hour drive away in the beautiful resort of Sheraton Soma Bay.


This program’s nutrition diet consists of plant based juice smoothies and soups. Each individual chooses between the 900 calories intake, the 1,200 calories intake or the 1,500 calories intake per day.


The retreat also offers wellness and fitness activities, including:

• Ashtanga, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

• Meditation
• Zumba fitness
• Functional training
• Stretching classes
• Beach walks
• Nutrition seminars


To book, visit www.redeemhealth.com